One to One Coaching

Personalised Coaching to Ensure Your Success

Recipe For Success:

To ensure success, I start with an alignment to determine where you are now and where you want to be. This covers all areas of your business and is summarised in to a report outlining what is working well and areas for improvement. I then work with you to prioritise the areas to work on and set your 12 month and quarterly goals.

Tangible Progress:

The regular coaching sessions work through the quarterly goals and set out the actions needed to ensure you are making tangible progress towards your targets. The clients that get the best results meet weekly or fortnightly, but there is a monthly option for micro businesses.

I use Dropbox to share information to ensure you have the templates you need and I can view your progress easily and give a gentle nudge when needed…

All 121 Programs include:

  • Regular coaching sessions; meeting either online or face to face
  • Creation of clear action plans during each session
  • Quarterly 90 Day Planning Workshops – held at the Amex Stadium in Brighton
  • The fortnightly Business Skills Workshops – in Tunbridge Wells
  • Full email and phone support, between sessions
  • Reviews & critiques of your marketing strategies, management systems, sales processes, time mastery, recruitment systems and anything else that’s relevant
  • Complimentary “DISC” behavioural evaluations
  • Templates and tools to conduct key business activities
  • Books, videos and whitepapers
  • Access to additional world-class training at seminars and conferences
  • Full commitment to coach you towards your stated goals and hold you accountable for taking action to achieve them

Investment from £650 – £2500 per month depending on what you want and need
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