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Sign 2000 won the Best Company in the South East Award in 2013, beating 100’s of entrants. Within 3 years the company doubled it’s turnover and increased their operating profit by 2500% This turnaround helped the company sell for a good multiple in 2017.

Business Growth Coaching & Mentorship


Companies that want to implement their plans quickly normally go for the weekly coaching sessions. However, the majority opt for the two sessions a month option (The Step Up Programme) as they often have restraints on how much time they have available to work on the business.  There is also a once a month option which is normally for very small businesses with only 1-2 employees. 
 All coaching works to agreed objectives and the success is measured by tangible key performance indicators. There is no lock in period for the coaching, clients stay as long as they are getting value from the programme. It is only 1 months notice to end the coaching from date of invoice from either party.   

Because I’ve got a decent team now, I had my first fortnight’s holiday last year and at the end of this month, I’m taking the kids for another fortnights holiday. So (growing the business with Lucy’s coaching) has given me the freedom to do that.
Wealden Joinery

“5 years ago we had tried everything we could think of to keep our family business alive. Finally, we asked Action Coach Lucy Cameron to help us. The business not only survived collapse – it’s now thriving, and going from strength to strength.”Steve Pickering, Managing Director

We get great results working with our clients. We can share with you how we have helped business owners:


  • Go from a 6 figure loss to a 6 figure profit in 6 months
  • Go from breaking even to selling for a 7 figure sum in 3 years
  • Quadruple revenue in 6 months


What are the options and how much is it?

There are various options available depending on the Business Owners needs and preferences:

Step Up Programme – 2 coaching sessions per month

This is for companies that want to move more quickly and really drive business growth, but have restraints on their time. Investment is £1250 + vat per month and includes:

o    Two coaching sessions per month
o    Business Skills workshops
o    GrowthCLUB Quarterly Planning day
o    Coaching support in between sessions
o    DiSC behavioural profile for all business owners
o    Dropbox – to be used for all working documents
o    Value Builder – business valuation assessment which highlights areas for growth


On average our clients in this programme:

• Increase profits by 25% – 200% a year
• Can take a two week holiday – with no laptop!

In addition to the above we do offer the Power Up Programme; weekly coaching which is from £2000+ depending on what the client needs. This tends to include coaching for larger management teams and includes executive coaching. We also offer Monthly Coaching at £650pm.

All coaching sessions are up to 90 minutes and are either in our office in Heathfield or via Zoom. We guarantee to earn you more money than we cost in a year or refund the difference.


The business coaching follows a proven framework which looks in detail at all areas of the business:

Destination: aligning the future direction of the company, clarification of the vision, mission and values; ensuring that is shared with all stakeholders. Short, medium and long term financial and non-financial goals, the shorter 12 month goals are developed in to manageable quarterly action plans. A visual mapping tool is used which can be fully documented in to a full business plan if required.

Time: The biggest challenge for anyone needing to work ‘on the business’ is normally time, the process starts with time analysis, that is reviewed and solutions identified to improve delegation with systems to delegate with confidence, improving general task efficiency and scheduling.

Systemisation: Ensuring that everyone in the company is working in the same way so your clients get a consistent quality experience. Any investment in systems needs to be leveraged and best practice agreed. Business process analysis using the swim lanes technique reviews the current ways of working including systems and manual processes, improvements are identified and further systems developed; adherence is tracked using key performance indicators.

Financial: Knowing all the key numbers throughout the business from leads by source, to conversion, invoice values, profit by fee earner to levels of customer satisfaction. Familiarisation with all management reporting is essential to ensure that business performance is optimised.

Sales and Marketing: The marketing starts with having clear target markets that are profiled with multi layered strategies both off line and online to generate leads. All marketing needs to be scheduled with acquisition cost and return on investment calculated. The key is what happens during the sales process, that is mapped and tailored to individual prospect preferences, (DiSC).

Team: The people element is normally one the hardest areas in business to get right. Areas reviewed include effective recruitment and induction, skills mapping and succession planning. Performance management with reward and recognition schemes. Clear vertical and horizontal communication. Strong leadership and management with ownership and accountability.



Business Coaching and Mentoring can be with individuals or a team of people. The process is normally:

A Team Alignment – a full review of all areas of the company, what is working, areas for improvement. The session gets written up in to a report. The report is used to prioritise the areas to focus on for the next 3 months. The Team Alignment is essential to get everyone on the same page, working to a common goal.

Develop a 90-day plan – Action plans work most effectively when broken down by week in to quarters. The alignment report is reviewed and the priorities agreed for the next 90 days. The actions by week are set so there is a 90-day plan in place with clear goals and actions.

Regular coaching sessions; typically, fortnightly, meeting either face to face or via Skype/Zoom discussing implementation, possible challenges and how to overcome them. Everyone is held accountable to the actions committed to, key performance indicators are identified to ensure that the coaching is having a positive impact on the business.



Complimentary Business Growth Review:

As this is a good time to create a really solid and actionable review on how your business can expand in a sustainable way, we recommend you have a complimentary Business Growth Review with a member of our team.


Is it time to have some time to yourself and more profit to play with?

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IQ4 Business are a team of business growth experts offering award-winning coaching in the South East.

The clients of Lucy Cameron and her Business Growth Team have won Best Client Results award in the South East for 3 years and Best Retailer in Europe in 2016. IQ4 Business’ mission is to help 100 business owners a year in Kent and Sussex to build successful businesses that increase employment and financial success.

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