The Manager’s Tool Box

If a builder turned up on the building site without any tools, it wouldn’t be long before they would either be in a mess or be asked to leave. If they turned up with a few tools (just enough to create the illusion they were a builder), they’d quickly fall behind on getting the work done, anyone they were managing would soon become disillusioned and start complaining.

Have You Complained About A Manager?

Most of us have met a Manager at some point in our career that just didn’t cut it. They were disorganised, didn’t let you know what was happening, either told you what to do all the time or weren’t there at all. Ending up causing more problems than they handled.

Now ask this question – were they truly incompetent or just didn’t know how to manage?

The Willing Manager

In many instances’ willingness isn’t lacking but skills and Manager tools are. What would have happened if they were trained to manage?

If a builder doesn’t know how to lay a brick it becomes evident very quickly, but because management skills are not so widely known a bad or poor Manager can go un-noticed right up to the team slowly leaving and the demise of the company.

Managers need to choose from various different styles of management and communicate in different ways to their team members. If someone only knows one way of communicating and managing they don’t have the skills to adapt.

Is It Time to Change How You Manage?

This can mean looking at how you’re performing as a Business Owner or Manager and unfortunately, it’s not always easy to do. The first thing is to be honest, are you managing all aspects of your business or department in a way that someone else would be impressed with the great relationships, communication,  control and growth taking place around you.

We all have strengths and weaknesses, so the first step is to acknowledge what you’re good at and then identify the areas that need improvement.

At this point you don’t need to tell anyone – remember, the only person you need to tell is yourself.

Handling People as A Manager

People management can be one of the more challenging aspects of management, but in the same way a builder has a trowel to help brick laying, as a Manager you can use the DiSC system. DiSC is a way of identifying how others like to work and communicate. Once you know this you can improve relationships and productivity.

This simple to understand approach can help you understand how to get the most out of the people around you. This is the type of tool a Manager should have in their Managers tool box.

Management Styles and Training

As a Manager or Business Owner, not knowing how to do something can make you feel uncomfortable. Backed into a corner we all have different ways of handling it, such as to talk louder, walk away or start justifying why things are the way they are.

Raising your voice will have an impact and get a quick fix, one you see that work, you can suddenly find yourself operating this way more and more, the trouble is it just hides the problem.  When a ‘stick’ is used people’s survival instincts kick in and they hide mistakes, the only way you know about a problem is when it is so serious they have no option but to tell you.

The Trained Manager

If you don’t know, it’s hard to work out what questions to ask, so seeing our weaknesses is not always easy if we’ve never been trained in management. When you observe a trained Manager, like the brick layer who’s very good, they make it look so simple that we think “I can do that”.

Of course, the fact is you can, but unless you’ve already had training and experience of implementing you are likely missing key tools that could make you the Manager or Business Owner who just gets results.

Save Time and Money

We know a trained person gets the job done not just quicker but with fewer mistakes, so if you manage anything, perhaps now is the time to start realising your true potential.


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  • The roles of a Manager
  • Your role preference
  • Areas for you to develop as a Manager
  • Your DiSC profile: full analysis on your preferences and how to adapt to get the most from communication with others

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