Does Business Coaching provide Return on Investment? Let’s ask Malton Inflight:

Alex Oakley and Kirstie Derham of Malton Inflight have been working with us at IQ4 Business for six months now, and already Alex appreciates the benefits of Business Coaching and is confident of a continued return on investment, as he explains in this video interview.

Whatever type of business, the fundamental principles are the same when it comes to ensuring control over the cashflow, the ability to forecast accurately and build resilience into the business model, and make sure that journey is mentally stimulating and enjoyable!

As Alex mentions, sometimes getting 'the harsh truth' can be uncomfortable, but he recognises the massive value in having independent and honest feedback, and with turnover soaring and next year's profits looking good, he's found business coaching to have been a wise business decision.


Business Growth Expert Lucy Cameron with Alex Oakley of Malton Inflight.

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