Can You Manage for Success?

Consider how many businesses fail in the first 18 months (8 out of 10 entrepreneurs fail in the first 18 months – Hiscox) – Why such a staggering amount?

Let’s take a jumbo jet with all its dials and switches – how many could just hop in and fly it? How many would crash and burn?

Flying a Jumbo Jet and Managing a Business

Running a business is like flying a Jumbo Jet, except running a business has more dials and levers than the Jumbo Jet. Let’s just take one element such as finances or accounts, you have to know about tax and wages, depreciation, purchasing, banking, accounting, petty cash, value of stock, chasing monies due and overdue and just take a look at how much you know about your product and service.

How many Hats Do You Wear as A Manager?

If you take each area of a business, you have to know a lot, but how do you separate each role into it’s separate departments and if you work for a larger company have you been shown how to get the results from your team in an orderly fashion with minimal stress?

Where Will You Be 6 Months from Now?

Let me ask a question, can you comfortably plan the growth of your business or area over the coming 6 months, safe in the knowledge you’ll come somewhere close at the end of 6 months?

And do you know what to do if things go off the rails? Some change that hadn’t been foreseen changes the goal posts and you need to rewrite part of the plan and implement to get things back on track.

How Many Years Did It Take to Learn Your Business?

Many of us have spent many years learning our product or service and can talk about it without any problem, but how many years have we spent learning how to manage? Flying by the seat of the pants is a term comes to mind when you look at how many of us manage our businesses.

What is Management?

Management is about people and tasks, getting things done, if nothing gets done and nothing goes out the door the business will close. A business is made up of systems and functions that completed in an orderly sequence, in great enough volume within an allotted time will help you build a stable business.

People add a range of variables that you as a Manager need to understand and control. Individuals are complex enough, get them in a team and another level of variables come in to play.

Whether you’re a micro business or a large multinational, management is crucial to your overall success and prosperity.

Most of Us Can Get Things Done . . .

But what happens if you have 2 things, 3 things, 10 things, 20 things plus staff, customers, suppliers all chasing you, how do you handle it and what when someone asks you about something that you’re unsure about, which goes to the ‘I’ll do it later pile’ only to reappear later as ultra-urgent, when you’re handing an important email, followed by a top customer coming on the phone, just as the employee comes in to tell you that production has stopped because a part you forgot to order has finally failed . . . YOU SCREAM either out loud or inside and go home very stressed.

The Trained Manager

In the above scenario, moving your business forward is usually lost in the frustration of just keeping your head above water and I’ll get to it tomorrow – only tomorrow becomes a variation of the day you’ve just completed, so you work late and later and later and then you take it home and before you know it your hourly rate makes you wonder if it’s all worth it.

The trained Manager can handle it!

You Can Do It

You may be suffering in some degree as above, but you can change it. In the same way a carpenter learns how to join wood together using the right tools for the job, you can learn how to plan and how to implement the plan and arrive 6 months down the line happy in the knowledge that you implemented the plan.

How Do You Feel When You Win?

We all feel good when we achieve the aimed for result, but how do others see us – as the person who gets things done.

As a Manager or person running their own business, more money will come to those get results. Happy customers, employees, suppliers or Line Managers all contribute to a more enjoyable life outside of work as well as at work.

Get Trained

If you can relate to any of the above, the solution is get trained in managing, whether you use our services or go elsewhere.


We are running a half day Introduction to Management course on the 23rd January in Tunbridge Wells.  These are great value at only £125+VAT for a half day course

It is a great way to get clear on:

  • What makes a good Manager
  • The roles of a Manager
  • Your role preference
  • Areas for you to develop as a Manager
  • Your DiSC profile: full analysis on your preferences and how to adapt to get the most from communication with others

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