Beat The Corona Virus Business Webinars March 2020

Beat The Virus – How To Get Your Businessess Through The Next 90 Days Do you currently have a clear plan to help your business survive the next quarter? 23 March 2020     18 March 2020   what financial measures need to be taken right now adaptations to your sales and marketing strategies managing your team in a crisis – making sure they remain ‘on message’ what financial support

Working online during the Corona Virus – How to use access free Zoom download for your computer

In just a few minutes you can continue to participate in live events – from home or your office – should you need to self-isolate. Zoom offers free software – and there are even break-out group options for more sophisticated events (like our 90 Day Planning Growth Club events).   If you already have Google Chrome, disregard the first minute of this video. In order to webcast LIVE multiple guests,

Crisis Averted – 11 Steps Your Business Must Start Today

The stock markets are falling, oil prices are plummeting, people are getting quarantined … unless you are selling toilet paper or sanitizer, your business will need to make some changes, and make them now if you want to survive… But, this isn’t just about the survival of your business (although it could be) it’s about being ready for the economic shift that’s started and could become massive … Now is

Get Waddling for Charity

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Manufacturing Growth Grant

IQ4 Business is an approved Business Growth Expert for Manufacturers accessing The Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP) grant.   Our award-winning Business Coaches help you in various ways including: Creating business plans for growth and improvement Improving efficiencies and driving profit Developing effective sales and marketing Building a high performing team Implementing action plans We have helped several manufacturing Business Owners in the South East to increase profits and build their

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