Does Business Coaching provide Return on Investment? Let’s ask Malton Inflight:

Alex Oakley and Kirstie Derham of Malton Inflight have been working with us at IQ4 Business for six months now, and already Alex appreciates the benefits of Business Coaching and is confident of a continued return on investment, as he explains in this video interview. Whatever type of business, the fundamental principles are the same when it comes to ensuring control over the cashflow, the ability to forecast accurately and build

Can You Manage for Success?

Consider how many businesses fail in the first 18 months (8 out of 10 entrepreneurs fail in the first 18 months – Hiscox) – Why such a staggering amount? Let’s take a jumbo jet with all its dials and switches – how many could just hop in and fly it? How many would crash and burn? Flying a Jumbo Jet and Managing a Business Running a business is like flying

The Manager’s Tool Box

If a builder turned up on the building site without any tools, it wouldn’t be long before they would either be in a mess or be asked to leave. If they turned up with a few tools (just enough to create the illusion they were a builder), they’d quickly fall behind on getting the work done, anyone they were managing would soon become disillusioned and start complaining. Have You Complained

How Brilliant a Manager are You?

It is often said the employees don’t leave the company they leave their Manager. Generally, people go through various different job roles looking to their Managers to be their role model. Unfortunately, most small to medium sized companies don’t offer their Managers any training so both good and bad practices are trained in.  This blog will take a look at different aspects of management to help you ensure the roles

two business men shaking hands in a blurry office.

Getting Ready to Sell Your Business

When Business Owners start their business selling it is normally the furthest thing on their mind. When the time comes to move on just shutting the doors is a waste of the blood, sweat and tears that has gone in to developing the business; it also leaves the team feeling deflated and looking for work. When should I Start Thinking About Selling my Business? The goal of any business is

Are you kidding yourself about why your business isn’t growing as fast as it should?

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